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Start your job search today!  Are you an employer?  Post jobs and reach top candidates.

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ALA's 17 short-form legal documents are understandable, concise, plainly written and free to members.
The ALA contracts are perfect for small to mid-size projects.  Members say the contracts are awesome--worth the cost of membership.

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Licensed Architect is the quarterly publication of ALA.  All members receive a copy as part of their membership.  Each issue contains articles with useful information and a CE article with quiz to earn 1 learning unit.  Read current and past issues.

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ALA offers a number of continuing education programs to help members stay current on a variety of topics.
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ALA is open to all architects and professions related to architecture. Our members hold individual memberships and specialize in all types of architecture. Some members are international leaders in the architecture profession while others have award-winning city and suburban practices.  Others are building industry suppliers or allied professionals and leaders in their markets. Students and new graduates are encouraged to join to connect with architects who they can learn from.  ALA values an open, collaborative culture, where we all help each other succeed by providing superior education, celebrating inspiring work and fostering personal connections. Please attend our programs, meet our members and consider joining. 

President's Message

"ALA is affordable and we provide a great value to our members. We want to help them grow professionally and make them successful through real-world education and networking. The tools we offer, from firm management and marketing to practical education topics, contracts, awards, networking opportunities and Licensed Architect, ALA's quarterly magazine, give them the opportunity to invest in themselves and be more productive."
Jeff Budgell, President

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