Reserve a Sponsorship


Stand out among the rest! 
Create extra visibility with architects by securing a sponsorship. Many options and price ranges available.

Sponsorships Include:

  • Logo on all pre-conference promotional materials:
  • Logo on, registration brochure and the conference program.
  • Your logo will be displayed on banners at the entrance to the show.
  • Your company will be announced during the keynote address.
  • Signage at your sponsored product
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Sponsorships Available:

Note: All sponsorships are on a first-right-of-refusal basis. Please contact us if you are interested in a sponsorship with a "Reservation Pending".

Extra Exhibitor Booth: $1,150
Showcase more of your products with a second booth

Breakfast: $1,500, Available
Signage at the breakfast buffet area

Seminar Room Sponsor: $1,500 (Five available), 3 Available & 2 Pending
Includes banner with logo, table with literature in room all day for 5 sessions. 

Tote Bags: $2,000, Reservation Pending
Sponsor produces and provides totebags with company and conference logos.

Lanyards: $2,000, Reservation Pending
Logo on lanyards for all attendees.

Attendee Passport Sponsor: $1,000, Reservation Pending
Logo within the attendee passport to support production

Lunch: $1,500, Reservation Pending
Three buffet lunch areas with signage

Mid-Afternoon Cookie Break: $600, Reservation Pending
Cookies on show floor during afternoon break includes signage

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship: $1,500,  Reservation Pending
Banner with logo at entrance to the keynote venue

"After 5 Social": $3,200 total or $1,600 with two sponsors.  Reservations Pending
Banners and cocktail napkins with logo at Social

Wi-Fi Sponsor: $1,000, Reservation Pending
Signage at Registration, ALA Booth, and high traffic areas. 

Conference Program Cover Advertising: $500, Three Reservations Pending
Full-page four-color advertisement in program. 

Conference Directory Advertising$400 (3 available and 3 pending)
Full-Page 4-color ad run of book, right-hand-page guaranteed. 500 circulation.

General Supporter: $250
Sponsorship offsets the cost of printing of directory. Sponsor recognized inside directory.

Purchase individual sponsorships here...

Commit early to sponsorships to maximize visibility in our communications! Call Rob Harkey at 847-382-0630 or email him at