21st Annual ALA Midwest Architecture Conference: Seminars, Networking and Blair Payson Keynote

A keynote by leading-edge architect Blair Payson of Olson Kundig, Seattle, 17 seminars, more than 80 exhibits and loads of networking opportunities are in store at the ALA Midwest Architecture Conference, to be held Oct. 29 from 8 am to 4:45 pm at the Drury Lane Conference Center, Oakbrook Terrace, IL.  Architects can earn up to six continuing education credits in one day.  
Online registration opens in July for the ALA Midwest Architecture Conference, a comprehensive, one-day conference that covers the latest business and technical topics impacting the work of architects, building professionals and designers. A total of 17 seminars will be offered on a variety of subjects ranging from codes and contracts to energy efficiency, performance, practice and sustainable materials. All seminars qualify for 1.0 CEU in HSW, ALA and AIA unless noted in the program information. The keynote presentation qualifies for 2 credits. 

A morning keynote by Blair Payson, AIA, LEED AP and Principal at Olson Kundig, Seattle, kicks off the day, as the noted architect discusses how culture and cross disciplinary experiments inform design. Payson, who joined the leading-edge architecture practice based in Seattle in 2004, has worked on both architectural and exhibit design projects, including the Century Project for the Space Needle, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center and residential projects across the Western United States and Mexico. 

More than 80 product exhibits will be featured at the show from 10 am to 3:45 pm. Admission to the trade show is free.

For additional information about the conference, visit


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