Boost Communication Styles

Conference ScheduleBoost Communication Styles
Speaker: Laura Cooley
ALA and AIA approved for 1.5 LUs
Spring Signature Conference, Friday, May 31, 2024

This workshop is filled with practical techniques to keep people listening and engaged as you develop new prospects, lead employees, collaborate on multi-stakeholder project teams, develop presentations that resonate and win work, negotiate, business. You will experience surprisingly quick methods to assess behaviors to determine primary communication styles so you can rapidly adapt to your audience.  

No one is perfect, we all have highs and lows; moments of being our best selves and moments where we are the 'difficult person' when others say 'difficult people'.  Communication/personality styles are the foundation of developing stronger emotional intelligence (EI) and success can be predicted for architectural organizations, projects, teams, and individuals based on the strength of relationships and communications. This program will help you become a more effective communicator which will lead to better business relationships and project wins.

Why it matters in business: Building a thriving business in our dynamic, highly competitive industry takes more than technical proficiency. Among many tangible and intangible characteristics of success is a person’s ability to understand and effectively navigate interpersonal dynamics. These emotional intelligence (EI) skills are manifested in how we communicate, resolve conflict, negotiate, collaborate, lead others, build trust, give and receive feedback, and more. People with these skills tend to be more adept at creating strong networks that lead to new, repeat, and long-term clients; building relationships with diverse internal and external stakeholders, including employees, partners, clients, subcontractors, regulatory officials, etc.; facilitating teams capable of production, collaboration, and innovation; and navigating difficult situations and people.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will:

  1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of different communication styles and the importance of employing diverse approaches for successful relationship-building.
  2. Recognize that an effective communication cycle includes the sender crafting a message in a receiver-friendly manner, and the receiver being receptive, actively listening, and confirming understanding.
  3. Explore ways to approach, communicate, and share information with others based on their communication style.
  4. Explain various causes of why people are being ‘difficult’, how to recognize and neutralize causes of stressful behavior to operate as your “best-self” and help others do the same.
  5. Analyze situations where communication styles played a significant role in the outcome (successful or unsuccessful).

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