ALA Path2Arch Committee has been established to provide assistance to those who are navigating AXP and ARE. Assistance might include simple clarification of procedures or one-on-one group study sessions lead by an ALA member and focusing on clarifying specific ARE content. The group will feature industry expert speakers as needed.

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The date for our Februay 2019 meeting is Thursday, February 28th. Learn more and register here. 

Meetings are held at the ALA office in Palatine, Illinois but you can join us online as well. 
For more information or to RSVP for a meeting, contact Rob Harkey at Rob@alatoday.org or call the ALA office at 847-382-0630.
Benefits of Path2Arch in ALA:

Meet peers in the area
Path2Arch meetings
AXP learning hours from events
Opportunity to meet architects and firms for networking and professional opportunities
AXP mentoring
Build expertise through professional education ; grow your technical knowledge base
Acquire savvy business skills .. learn from our members
Volunteer….contribute ideas, join Path2Arch