Reserve a Sponsorship, Electric or Lunch


Stand out among the rest! 
Create extra visibility with architects by securing a sponsorship. Many options and price ranges available.

Sponsorships Include:

  • Logo on all pre-conference promotional materials:
  • Logo on, registration brochure and the conference program.
  • Your logo will be displayed on banners at the entrance to the show.
  • Your company will be announced during the keynote address.
  • Signage at your sponsored product
Purchase individual SPONSORSHIPS, LUNCHES or ELECTRIC here...

Sponsorships Available:

Note: All sponsorships are on a first-right-of-refusal basis. Please contact us if you are interested in a sponsorship with a "Reservation Pending".

Extra Exhibitor Booth: $1,150 OPEN
Showcase more of your products with a second booth

Breakfast: $1,500, OPEN
Signage at the breakfast buffet area

Seminar Room Sponsor: $1,500  OPEN (Four available)
Includes banner with logo, table with literature in room all day for 5 sessions. 

Lunch: $1,500, OPEN
Three buffet lunch areas with signage

Cocktail Reception after Keynote: $3,200 total or $1,600 with two sponsors. OPEN 
Banners and cocktail napkins with logo at Social

Conference Directory Advertising$400 OPEN (3 of 4 available)
Full-Page 4-color ad run of book, right-hand-page guaranteed. 500 circulation.

General Supporter: $250 OPEN
Sponsorship offsets the cost of printing of directory. Sponsor recognized inside directory.

Tote Bags: $2,000, Reserved
Sponsor produces and provides totebags with company and conference logos.

Lanyards: $2,000, Reserved
Logo on lanyards for all attendees.

Attendee Passport Sponsor: $1,000, Reserved
Logo within the attendee passport to support production

Wi-Fi Sponsor: $1,000. Reserved
Signage at Registration, ALA Booth, and high traffic areas. 

Mid-Afternoon Cookie Break: $600, Reserved
Cookies on show floor during afternoon break includes signage

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship: $1,500,  Reserved
Banner with logo at entrance to the keynote venue

Conference Program Cover Advertising: $500, Reserved
Full-page four-color advertisement in program. 

Purchase individual SPONSORSHIPS, LUNCHES or ELECTRIC here...

Commit early to sponsorships to maximize visibility in our communications! Call Rob Harkey at 847-382-0630 or email him at