"Contracts Your Clients Will Understand"

Looking to protect your interests and those of your clients but don't want to deal with complex legal documents?  


ALA Contracts are concise and written in plain English, so they are easy to understand and complete. These dependable, short-form legal documents have been protecting architects, contractors, and clients since 2002. No software to load! Just download ALA contracts using any computer browser.

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ALA Short Form Contracts are FREE to all Professional, Senior, Emeritus, Affiliate and Allied Professional ALA Members. Members need to be logged in to download the forms without charge. After logging in, downloadable contracts will appear under the tab ALA 2023 Contracts for Members.

Non-Members can purchase the contracts through the ALA Store.

Important: The ALA Contracts are saved as Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) which can accommodate the widest range of users. Working with the ALA contracts requires an understanding of Microsoft Word Track Changes. Based on your version of Word, the Track Changes functionality might be different, so be sure to understand your version.

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