Continuing Education Provider
Due to numerous requests from both professional and affiliate members, ALA has a Continuing Education Program (CEP) that certifies Providers offering approved educational programs. ALA is a registered education provider for Illinois and most states. Therefore, architects attending ALA approved programs will be able to earn their required Learning Units (LU). Our CEP program is simple, not expensive and a valuable marketing tool.

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Program Requirements:

  1. To become an ALA Continuing Education Provider, applicants must submit the Provider Application no later than four weeks prior to program start with application fee payment.
  2. Attach a biography for each presenter of the program.  This should include a description of the presenter's education, knowledge of subject matter, experience, and presentation skills. 

Program Guidelines & Quality Control:

Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) program guidelines 
GBCI program guidelines - Provide documentation of program acceptace by GBCI for GBCI learning credits. 

QUALITY CONTROL of the programs will be strict and adhered to through random audits and checks by members of the ALA’s Education Committee. In order for attendees to earn one LU, fifty minutes of each hour must contain NON-PROPRIETY information with a similar percentage on half hour increments. ALA mandates that programs offer technical information and not be sales presentations. ALA believes that presentation skills are extremely important and that presenters may become local technical resources.