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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Webinar: Creating Healthier Environments Thru Modern Lighting Design

Start Date: 2/23/2021 11:00 AM CST
End Date: 2/23/2021 12:00 PM CST

Organization Name: Association of Licensed Architects

Joanne Sullivan
Email: ala@alatoday.org
Phone: (847) 382-0630


Good lighting design can make buildings function better, and it can also make us feel better. But can the right kind of lighting actually make us better? Market forces, technological changes, and emerging research are driving the worlds of light and health together in unprecedented fashion. Claims of faster healing, better sleep, lower cancer levels, and reduced symptoms of aging are just a few of the benefits now associated with lighting. Yet the American Medical Association issued a warning agains LED streetlights as hazardous to our health. What is science, and what is hype? Explore the cutting edge- or healing edge- of light and health in this seminar.

Learning Objectives
  1. Participants will be able to explain the link between light and melatonin suppression and cortisol generation, two key factors in circadian entrainment.
  2. Through exploration of current market trends, participants will discern the hidden forces driving the adoption of light-for-health strategies.
  3. Participants will explore the individual components of light that affect our health, including intensity, color, photic history, and spectral power density and develop a framework for making informed design choices.
  4. Using case studies, participants will discover how the aging eye affects circadian entrainment and see how senior living might be improved through better lighting.
Approved by ALA for 1 CEU/HSW  
Cost: $15 Member / $30 Non-Members / ALA Students + New Grads: Free

Presented by:
Peter Cook  CCI, CCD 
Automation Design + Entertainment


David K Warfel
Chief Evangelist of Light
Light Can Help You


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