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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Webinar: Anchored Veneer Masonry: A 3D Experience

Start Date: 3/18/2021 11:00 AM CDT
End Date: 3/18/2021 12:00 PM CDT

Organization Name: Association of Licensed Architects

Joanne Sullivan
Email: ala@alatoday.org
Phone: (847) 382-0630

Anchored Veneer Masonry: A 3D Experience

This interactive webinar eschews the use of PowerPoint in favor of the dynamic viewing capabilities of SketchUp modeling software. Through the use of a preconstructed virtual mockup incorporating most conditions found in an anchored veneer masonry wall, the audience will take a tour of the wall’s construction discussing critical design considerations along the way. The presenter will toggle layers within the model to expose portions of the wall that are often not seen and frequently misunderstood including requirements for veneer ties, cavity space, continuous air barriers, insulation, flashing and moisture management, and provisions for movement. This program interactively examines masonry design principles, construction methods and sequences, and subassemblies that comprise today’s complex masonry wall in an engaging and visually interesting format.

Learning Objectives
  1. Participants will learn the seven subassemblies of every masonry assembly from the structure to the cladding, and understand how each subassembly works in concert with the others to form an efficient anchored veneer wall.
  2. Participants will view the six primary conditions of an anchored veneer wall that require special detailing: wall base, window sill, window head, shelf angle, low roof to high wall, and top of wall; and participants will learn critical detailing concepts for each condition. 
  3. Participants will view and identify all components of the moisture management system in an anchored veneer wall, as well as the unique detailing concerns for each component based on its placement in each of the six primary conditions.
  4. Participants will learn the concepts of grouting and reinforcing an anchored veneer wall’s backing system of structural concrete masonry, and they will analyze typical structural masonry details.
Approved by ALA and AIA for 1 LU/HSW  
Cost: $15 Member / $30 Non-Members / ALA Students + New Grads: Free

Presented by:
Scott Conwell, ALA, FAIA, FCSI, CDT, LEED AP
Director of Industry Development, International Masonry Institute