Founding Members

ALA was founded in the fall of 1999 by a group of architects who formerly served as Board Members of other Architects’ Associations. In November of 1999, ALA was joined by ISA (Illinois Society of Architects), the oldest independent state organization in the country, which brought valued expertise and historic significance to the Association.  In October of 2004, ALA chartered its first chapter ALA–Wisconsin. Over the past few years, ALA has experienced rapid growth, record attendance at its dynamic programs and great progress under the leadership of the President, the Executive Board, and stewardship of the Executive Director.   It continues to charge affordable dues, offer and expand its real services, and publishes the professional magazine with its superior reputation for content, technical information and featured member architects.  
ALA is an organization open to all architects and professions related to architecture.  It represents architects registered or licensed in any state, territory or possession of the United States, and foreign countries.  ALA is committed to expanding its membership and professional services.
ALA’s mission is to advance the Architectural Profession through education and by supporting and improving the profession’s role in the built environment.
ALA's vision is to positively impact the Architectural Profession through power of organization. Its purpose is to unite, promote, and advance the architectural profession and address critical issues confronting it.  ALA will support the efforts of other Associations, when combined efforts will produce benefits for all.
ALA will work and speak for members of the architectural profession and improve communication with the community through programs of information, education and cooperation.  It proposes to advance and contribute to the general health, safety and welfare of the general public and believes in stimulating and encouraging continuing education plus the advancement of the art and science of architecture. 
ALA's motto is: "Architects united to advance the Profession of Architecture." 

It is with deep regret we announce that Melvin S. Markson, one of our Founding Members, passed away on Sept. 17th. Mel received the ALA Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement for his contributions to ALA and the architecture profession. We send our sympathies to his family.
To learn more about Mel, please see here. 

Founding Members of ALA

Don E. Erickson, FALA
Patrick C. Harris, FALA
Melvin S. Markson, FALA
Gary Ruck, FALA
James K. Zahn, Esq., FALA