Jeff Boldt

2019 Conference Schedule


Part 1 - Acoustics Fundamentals Speaker, Thursday, Nov. 5, and Part 2 - Architectural Acoustics, Friday, Nov. 6

Jeff is a Managing Principal and the Director of Innovation and Quality at IMEG a 1600+ person firm. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with 40 years’ experience in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and acoustical design. He is registered in both Mechanical and Fire Protection engineering.

Jeff is an ASHRAE Fellow. He chairs the Mechanical Subcommittee of the ASHRAE’s 90.1 Energy Standard and the working groups dealing with Hydronics, Elevators/Escalators, and Duct System Leakage. Jeff is also a member of ASHRAE Guideline 36 (Standardized Control Sequences), SPC-215 (Duct Leakage), TC8.6 Cooling Towers, and TC 3.6 (Water Treatment). Jeff has watched and rated every ASHRAE Annual and Winter meeting presentation since 2004.

Jeff has nearly, sort of, an MS in Acoustical Design and Noise Control.

He has served as Project Manager and Design Engineer on many award-winning projects; including the Agronomy Laboratory, which won the ASHRAE International Technology Award for the best HVAC design of the year and appeared on the cover of the ASHRAE Journal.

Jeff is LEEDAP accredited and received ASHRAE’s High-performance Building Design Professional accreditation.

Jeff is a member of ASHRAE, ASHE, ICC, SFPE, WHEA, and the WHEA Code Committee.

Since 2012 Jeff has had articles published in the ASHRAE Journal (How 90.1-2010 Will Affect Healthcare Facilities, 2015 Hydronics 101 & Hydronics 102), in CSE Magazine (Updates to ASHRAE 90.1, What’s New in ASHRAE 90.1-2013, How Standard 90.1-2010 Will Affect HVAC Designs, and Selecting Pipe and Piping Materials), and in Engineered Systems (Acoustical Issues in Healthcare and Humidification: Options, Amines, and the Effects of ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 170).

Jeff will be one of the authors of ASHRAE’s Engineers Notebook standing column starting in 2020. If you have an idea and want to coauthor, let him know!