Jeff Boldt Session


Conference Schedule

"Building Moisture Management"
3-4 PM CDT, Thursday, October 21, 2021
1 LU (HSW pending)

Speaker: Jeff Boldt, PE, FASHRAE, LEED AP, HBDP

Architects will learn about the properties of moisture in air (psychrometrics) and how it affects building designs. Boldt will present solutions to avoid common problems.

This program will cover window condensation, warping of wood and other organic materials, deterioration of walls, vapor barrier locations, and a little about the latest energy codes to insure healthy building design and construction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand psychrometrics (water in air) with no math – really! to better diagnose effects on buildings.
  • Learn about moisture mapping in walls to avoid costly errors and to evaluate corrective measures for building integrity.
  • Understand vapor retarder application in different climates to minimize moisture damage.
  • Understand how moisture affects mold and physical damage when envelopes deteriorate to avoid costly remediation.

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