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A New Partnership with The Continuing Architect

Listed ALA has partnered with The Continuing Architect (TCA) to provide members with free, high quality professional development and continuing education courses that supplement ALA's traditional offerings. All courses follow the standards and requirements of NCARB (the National Council of Architecture Review Boards) and other widely recognize trade and professional organizations, and are presented through media-rich content.

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Available courses are listed below and include the course title, credits, and a brief description. Taking the courses is a seamless experience. Make sure you allow pop-up windows. For your first course through TCA, you will click on the course link and a pop-up window will appear. You will be prompted to create a TCA username and password. Once this has been created, you will be redirected to the course. For all additional courses, simply log in with your username and password.

ALA's Current TCA Course Catalog
Controlled and Connected Luminaires and Design Integration
Sponsored By: Focal Point     AIA Approved     Credits: 1 LU, 1 HSW

Program: The Art and Technology of Lighting

Description: This course reviews the components and uses of connected luminaires, their specification, and the standards and protocols involved in current lighting control applications. Further, this course reviews the emergence of the Internet of Things, and how it will impact future lighting control applications.

An Introduction to Custom Balanced Doors
Sponsored By: Ellison Bronze     AIA Approved     Credits: 1 LU, 1 HSW

Program: Architecture, Design and Building Science

Description: This course is presented in HD by the president of Ellison and provides an introduction to a unique form of commercial entry door known as a balanced door. You will explore various components of a balanced door system, numerous advantages of a balanced door over conventional hinged or pivoted swing doors, how balanced doors meet ADA guidelines, and the specific design requirements needed to accommodate balanced doors.

Moisture Mitigation, Surface Prep and Floor Covering Systems
Sponsored By: TEC     AIA Approved     Credits: 1 LU, 1 HSW

Program: ?

Description: This course teaches about the source and prevention of health and safety risks of moisture transmission/high pH through a concrete substrate and its effect on flooring adhesives and coverings. The health and safety risks include mold, mildew, standing water, sick building syndrome, previous needfor use of solvent based, high VOC adhesives instead of water-based, high moisture tolerance vinyl/carpet adhesives available today. This course also teaches about concrete floor flatness and how to measure and install a flat surface using self-leveling underlayments/skim coats for floor coverings torequire, along with the moisture vapor barrier and adhesives, a single source system with long term warranty for all sub flooring components.


For any questions regarding the ALA On-Demand Learning Center, please contact Joanne Sullivan, Executive Director, ALA, at (847) 382-0630 or joanne@alatoday.org.