Professional Membership

Professional Members: Shall be open to any licensed architect in good standing in any state,
territory or possession of the United States. Members may also include international architects
from any country of origin as approved by the Executive Board. All members shall comply fully
with laws and rules mandated by the state(s) or country of their licensure. Professional members
may use the initials: ALA.

Membership Dues: $240 per year / International Members: Add $45  
Join now and your new membership will be active through January 1, 2021.

Joining Mid-Year or Later? See pro-rated membership details below!
All members pay the full rate upon joining, and then a renewal credit is applied to the following year based on when the application was submitted. The following guidelines apply:

Join Jan.-May: No discount applied upon renewal.
Join June-July: Receive half off of next year's dues.
Join Aug.-Sep.: Receive 2/3 off of next year's dues.
Join Oct.-Dec.: Receive the final quarter plus the following year, with a membership expiration date of 12/31/21. 

Senior Discount: Are you a senior over the age of 65? Choose the Senior option on the membership application to receive a discount!

Firm Discount: Receive a 25% discount if your firm has four or more Professional members. Pay for three, get the 4th Free! Call the ALA office at 847-382-0630 for details.



Professional Member Benefits:

  • Licensed Architect magazine
  • Membership wall certificate
  • Professional designation
  • FREE unlimited access to the ALA downloadable short-form legal contracts
  • FREE Consultant Hotlines - Legal, Code, Insurance, Fire and ADA
  • Referrals through the “Find a Member” website directory
  • Voting privileges
  • List of job postings and resumes on the ALA website
  • Get published by writing an article for the Licensed Architect
  • Discounts on educational programs offered throughout the year, such as Lunch & Learns, as well as our Annual Midwest Conference 
  • Volunteer opportunities to contribute to the organization by becoming a task force, committee or board member
  • ALA will log your ALA CEUs 
  • HOUZZ Concierge Service
  • Networking with industry professionals