What is the criteria for the award?
Participating colleges/universities are asked to nominate one student for each architectural degree offered at their school. 

Who are the awards for?
Students who have exhibited exemplary achievement and leadership throughout the year.

How much do the awards cost the school?
There is no charge to participate in this program. 

What does the student receive? 
Each student receives a lucite plaque imprinted with their name, a one-year ALA membership, and are featured in the Fall issue of our magazine, Licensed Architect. The plaque is shipped to your school in early April in time to be presented at the spring award's ceremony.

Which schools have participated?
List of schools
How can my school get involved?
Call the ALA Office at 847-382-0630 or email office@alatoday.org and advise us of your interest. We will ask for contact information so we can email the invitation to participate in February.